Friday, September 16, 2005

Must be needing succor and ease: Enjoyed, without my increasingly customary "it's over, ok?" reaction, the new album by The Bats (though it's also just possible that they don't suck and never did); was immensely satisfied by my first visit to The Hideout for Kelly Hogan and The Wooden Leg's monthly residency (which would have had me on song selection alone: "Kites Are Fun," "London In the Rain," "Moody's Mood for Love," "Up A Lazy River," Mae Barnes' "Umbrella Man," "'Tis Autumn", Dee Clark's "Blues, Get Off My Shoulder," to say nothing of execution, or of the perfectly-timed entrance of a guy selling tamales out of a cooler, very comforting as the same thing happens at the Silver Lake Lounge), and looking forward to tomorrow's dB's reunion at the same venue's annual block party, which, I gather, marks the end of the season for live music outdoors here. So, yes, we're getting out more, enough to stave off disorientation and disconnection until teaching starts structuring my time next week.

Invited -- no, commanded -- to make common cause w/ Muy Romantico, though in what capacity, I don't know, as J-HOVA is on the opposite coast. Perhaps I can convince them of my 1-40 epiphany that What Is Needed are "art" bands feat. saxophones instead of strings.

Will try to comment on recent reading, finish off the drive-spiel, and lean less heavily on run-on sentences soon. Off to hear the Waldrops here, where I won't know anyone.

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