Thursday, October 13, 2005

Today's tip for effective one-sheeets: Don't use "sanctimonious" when you mean "sanctified."


Re the sardine poster in yesterday's post, Rael "The Middleman" Lewis writes, tersely and fascinatingly:

"Sidi-Ali Bey = Rene Grenier (former TL roomate/art student post-conversion to Islam).

Jossot himself converts to Islam = Abdul Karim Jossot."

I'm sure Grenier is mentioned in the Sweetman book -- which didn't make the cut for interstate travel -- but I feel like if I'd read something about conversions to Islam in a book about painting and anarchist politics the month of the London subway attacks, it might have stuck.


A record [movie] review, obviously, may have broader agendas than defending or attacking the work before it; it may be a stick with which to beat some other artist, including some earlier incarnation of the artist at hand, or even a pretext for promoting or dismissing entire genres. What it rarely is, is burdened by the apparent need to give a case for the very notion that some people enjoy listening to music [watching movies]. Cf. poetry reviews.


Recently added to ubuweb: An expansion of Strictly Kev's "Raiding the 20th C." mix-of-mixes, with some input from Paul Morley and inspired by his recent book, esp. where "I Am Sitting In A Room" is concerned. No, I haven't had a chance to listen to it yet -- 70 megs -- but I'm driving to Michigan this weekend.


If you still happen to take an interest in Elvis Costello, even the slight one of seeing just how mad his projects have become, here's a thread concerning some concerts he gave in Copenhagen debuting the songs for an eventual theatrical production -- commissioned by the Danish state opera -- based on the relationships among Hans Christian Andersen, Jenny Lind, and P.T. Barnum. Look for the couple of longer reviews, esp. by John Foyle. Somewhere, there's a torrent of one of the shows; yes, I'd listen.


"There was never a writer so learned to whom erudite friends were not useful. I in particular desire to be corrected by you in order not to be pecked at by detractors."

-- Alberti, prologue to Della pittura (trans. Spencer)

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