Sunday, November 27, 2005

To anyone who didn't notice: I added to last week's sole post, daily.


Something for everyone, down on the linkfarm; rough overall movement from music-related to critical to philosophical, so keep looking if the first don't grab you.

a) Thanks very much to Mark Givens for putting up our one-sheet and an ordering link for the new album. Toward the bottom, you will also find a link to the lyrics -- I don't particularly recommend that you read them if you have no interest in hearing the record, but I can't stop you. This version of an 0pb site is, excuse the expression, a placeholder -- Peter and I are working on something a little slicker, though it will still be fairly minimal, at least until I can get home to the archives.

b) Little Hits, an mp3-blog devoted (mostly) to '80s-'90s indie vinyl. Many obvious choices, and dude must have a huge server at his disposal -- trying older links at random, I've yet to find a broken one. Even the very first post is still up, from a fine 7-inch by The Some Loves -- though I think he picked the weaker side.

c) Not enough? Lost Bands of the New Wave Era (which kills its links much faster.)

d) Muso Warning: a site devoted to the so-called trucker's gear change, by which is intended "ostentatious key-changes in pop songs, especially as used in the final choruses to mask the fact that nothing else is going on." "Stand," "I Try," and the list goes on. ("Oliver's Army" isn't included -- too well-motivated by the bridge?)

e) This Croatian Luke Haines interview is mostly a snooze, except for some best albums/books/movies that he may have picked off the top of his head, and this exchange, especially if he's telling the truth:

T. Tell me something I would never guess abut you?

LH. Operating under another name I am the inventor of two best selling boardgames.

f) In related news, BBR's Sarah Nixey looks to be going solo -- w/ material produced by Auteurs cohort James Banbury. Current photos suggest creeping Beth Ortonism, but who knows? Haven't sought out the single yet. Best news is a reference to her guest appearance on Haines' allegedly upcoming soundtrack to the musical Property, which I'm beginning to gather isn't going to make it to a full staging....

g) I long ago meant to point to this 1972 xgau piece on The Eagles, both because it's interestingly different, stylistically, than the cram-it-in we're now familiar with, and for the 3rd graf, which begins: "Another thing that interests me about the Eagles is that I hate them."

h) Frank Kogan essay I've given several tries but have never reached the end of. Maybe you'll do better.

i) A strange performance art piece based on the transcript of EC's 1979 NYC conference -- I didn't manage to mention it in the book.

j) Two resources I've sometimes found helpful: This longlived database of info on TinPanEra composers and lyricists (I've found more info on a number of names than I've been able to locate anywhere else); and this extensive movie musicals site.

k) On the other hand -- unhappy to note, via Gerard, that Footlights, the OCR/cabaret/pop vocals record store in NYC, closed its doors in June or so. I was last there in March, and struck up a conversation with a fellow who could name the writers on the two industrial shows I was buying w/o breaking a sweat. The business has morphed into an online retailer, but still -- if Manhattan can't carry this sort of shop, that's saying something.

l) I've wondered if there is an energetic visual-art blogscene comparable to poetry's. I still don't know, but here's a start, courtesy of my friend, painter [and former bandmate of Steve Turner's, if that's more exciting to you] Steve LaRose.

m) Another friend I don't think I've ever linked to: Shannon "joins" Rhapsody.

n) I don't know poet Aaron McCollough's at all, but he has demos.

o) Were you aware that Brian Evenson had made a record?

p) Dense paper by Blair French on post-object art, w/ ref to the rather interesting NZ figure Wystan Curnow.

q) Nice that this site for a Brazilian Visual Poetry show I saw in Austin in '02 has remained online. One highlight -- rather elaborate virtual version of a "dinner party" installation by Caetano V.

r) Topic for possible exploration: Conceptual Art-influenced, but self-avowedly "conservative" photographer Les Krims.

s)See also this account of nikki craft's destruction of a set of prints of Krims' "The Incredible Case of the Stack O' Wheat Murders," which, in her eyes, made light of sexual violence.

t) Free weekend? Teach yourself computational semantics.

u) Or perhaps category theory.

v) Or mise-en-scene theory.

w) "Analytical Marxist" G.A. Cohen's syllabus from a few terms back. And a decent review of his Self-Ownership, Freedom, and Equality.

x) U. of Ohio, Columbus philosopher of art Lee F. Brown on "Documentation and Fabrication in Phonography" w/ ref. to Eisenberg, Gracyk, and so on.

y) Q without U; ukulele sheet music; typewiter love; some common misconceptions; trompe l'oeil receipts.

z) Patented, Paris 1845: Cane Juice Defecating Machine. Scroll down for interminable description of operation.2005: A week after "normalization," hard to get English-language news any more useful than this. Oh, there's also the treaty thieves.

And this is where you find useless texts when you're tired of writing them yourself.

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