Saturday, December 24, 2005

This is the 365th and final addition to this file. The subhead above [paraphrased from WB's Konvolut J, as it happens] has been changed to mark its completion -- or, better, stasis.

I want to reassure regular readers that laying this blog to rest has absolutely nothing to do with anything that has occurred in the 'sphere in recent months; nor, for that matter, in the Lebenswelt. (Though I've sometimes had to be reminded that the two are not co-extensive.) The decision was made, rather arbitrarily, as early as summer '04, as a way of fixing a stopping point that wouldn't just feel to me or look to you too much like giving up or flaming out. Can't say now whether I'll start up something else in the future -- but it won't happen for a year, minimum, and will probably be very different in form. Hope not to lose touch w/ those of you I've made or deepened contact w/ through this venue: though I'll be damned if I'll stoop to comment boxes, the email link at right will remain current as long as these pages stay up.

Could go on, but I've rarely seen a final post that didn't get too self-important. Thank you for checking in.

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